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Metal Fabrication Services

Welding Processes

We offer many types of welding services: AC/DC TIG [GTAW], MIG [GMAW], Stick [SMAW], Flux Cored [FCAW], Resistance Spot Welding[RSW], Torch Brazing {TB], Torch Soldering [TS]

Metal Cutting

In House Cutting Process: Plasma Arc Cutting and Gouging (PAC), Air Carbon Arc Cutting and Gouging (CAC-A), Oxyfuel Gas Cutting (OFC) Outside CNC Services Offered: WaterJet Cutting, Laser Cutting, Plasma Cutting


Prototype Development

We offer hands on prototype development, working one on one with our customers.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Complete sheet metal fabrication including prototype to production. Custom works of Art to the simple Truck box. Fire pits, Kitchen hoods, BBQ hoods, Custom water features. You think it, We make it. Materials: - Mill Aluminum - Pre-Finished Aluminum - Clear Anodized Aluminum - Copper and Copper Alloys - Stainless Steel - Galvanized Steel - Paintlock


Production Runs

We offer production run services from the small prototype run to the large manufacturing runs.

MTF Trailer Repair / Service

We also offer full service, repair and maintenance of trailers ranging from 900 GVW to 20,000 GVW. Through our wide range of wholesale distributors we have all the parts needed at our fingertips to service and repair any Utility Trailer on the road today.